Tips for fighting distraction on Alabama roads


Distracted driving has been on the rise in Alabama, and it’s affecting everyone’s safety while on the roads.

There are lots of excuses: technology, multitasking and busy schedules being common. However, there are ways to limit the time you spend fighting distractions while behind the wheel.

Taking distractions away

One of the biggest things you can do as a driver is to remove as many distraction temptations as you can before you’re driving. This may seem like a no-brainer, but a little planning can go a long way.

A few of the ways you can get rid of distractions before driving include:

  • Download directions beforehand. Don’t wait until you’re behind the wheel to put directions into your GPS. Pre-load it onto your phone or GPS system.
  • Put your phone on silent. While some phones (including many new iPhones) can automatically enable a “car mode” that cuts off phone notifications, you can also simply silence your phone. This helps you avoid the impulse to check a new notification and keeps your eyes on the road.
  • Eat easily portable snacks. If you must bring food in the car, make sure it’s things that can be easily consumed without much hassle. A cheese stick or nuts make for easy snacking. Nachos, not so much.
  • Look under your feet for objects. Things like water bottles love to find their way underneath the pedals. It’s much better to fish them out while the car isn’t moving than trying to do it while going 65 mph.
  • Make a road playlist. Don’t wait until you’re on the road to DJ. Pick a playlist or a CD before you get started. If you need to change it, wait until you’re at a gas station or a red light. If you have passengers in the car, let them control (but not choose) the music.

These are just a few of the ways you can proactively battle distracted driving.

Staying safe on Alabama roads

By avoiding distractions, you are keeping yourself safe and modeling good behavior for your children.

Unfortunately, you can’t control what other drivers do on the road. If you’re in an accident with a distracted driver, a skilled attorneycan help.