How can you prevent motorcycle accident injuries?


Spring and summer mean warmer weather and more leisure time for motorcycle riding in Alabama. However, this also brings with it the risk of accident and injury. In order to enjoy your rides and prevent motorcycle accident injuries, it is important that you follow proper motorcycle safety procedures.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, accidents involving motorcycles carried with them a 28-fold risk of death as compared to other vehicle crashes. Therefore, it is imperative to do everything in your power to ride safely so you can avoid getting into a crash. There are several specific things you can do to increase motorcycle safety, in addition to becoming well-versed with the laws and regulations regarding the operation of a motorcycle. 

First, you should perform a quick assessment of your bike each time you are about to ride. This includes a visual inspection as well as checking things like fuel level, the level of other fluids and tire pressure. Look under the bike for leaks and make sure the directional signal, taillights and headlights are working. 

Second, before starting to ride, you must put on a DOT-compliant helmet at all times. Wearing a helmet is the best way you can prevent brain injuries from occurring. This applies to both you and your passenger, so be sure to keep an extra helmet on hand. Also, wear attire made of appropriate fabric such as leather to covers your arms and legs, and use reflectors at night.

There are other safety measures you should follow, including:

  •       Refrain from alcohol and drugs when riding on a motorcycle 
  •       Follow the rules of the road, especially not speeding
  •       Take periodic riding classes
  •       Drive defensively

This information is intended solely for informational purposes and is not intended to be legal advice.