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When people think about motor vehicle collisions, they often envision the potential physical consequences of a crash, such as head and neck injuries or broken bones. They may also think about the financial impact of a collision, from property damage to hospital bills and lost wages. While all of these consequences are very serious, there are other ways in which car crash victims’ lives are shattered, some of which can be difficult for others to detect. For example, many people have mental scarring as a result of a crash they were involved in, and psychological trauma can make one’s life unbearably difficulty.

Someone who is dealing with mental scars as a result of an auto accident may lose their ability to drive, which could derail their life in various ways. For example, they may no longer be able to drive to work or take their kids to school. Moreover, some people develop post-traumatic stress disorder due to an auto crash, which can affect their personality and their entire life in countless ways (especially when it comes to personal relationships). Those who work in a field which requires a lot of driving, such as taxi drivers, law enforcement officials and delivery truck drivers, may find that they are no longer able to perform their job duties. This can lead to serious emotional and financial repercussions and completely unravel a victim’s life as well as their future.

If you are struggling with any of these hardships because of an accident that was the result of someone’s careless behavior, you should immediately examine your legal options.