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When negotiating compensation for a car or 18-wheeler accident in Alabama, you would have the difficult task of assigning a dollar amount to the specific injuries and setbacks you or your loved one incurred. Because each injury is unique, average settlement amounts would probably not be particularly useful to you — at least not as a guideline to direct your responses to an insurance company’s offers.

Instead, you could use the average costs for your specific injuries to predict the amount you would need to make a full recovery. Similarly, you could take into account statistically based forecasts, such as the average growth rate of compensation on a specific career track, when asking for compensation for lost work for lost future wages.

As mentioned on FindLaw, Alabama could allow you to reclaim both economic and noneconomic damages. Economic damages might include your hospital bills. Noneconomic damages might include suffering, such as that brought on by the loss of a loved one.

Many accident disputes resolve outside of court through independent negotiations. However, most participants in these negotiations consider the eventual probable outcome of the issue should it go to trial. Therefore, establishing realistic expectations of a court award at the beginning of the process could strengthen your negotiating position considerably. To do that, as mentioned above, it is usually necessary to take every detail of your case and convert every loss into a dollar amount.

The unique nature of personal injuries is just one reason why it is not typically useful to use average settlement figures as a final answer in your negotiations. Therefore, please do not use this article as legal advice. It is not meant to be a complete or specific resource for any real situation.