Cognitive distractions contribute to car crashes


Alabama drivers share the road with many other vehicles and people. Because of this, there is a high chance of drivers crashing. Many factors go into creating the risk for a crash. 

Today we will look into cognitive distractions in particular. These distractions are some of the hardest to avoid. They are also responsible for a large number of crashes. 

What are cognitive distractions? 

Cognitive distractions are one of three primary types of distractions drivers may face. The other two are visual and physical distractions. For example, eating or applying makeup is a physical distraction. It takes your hands from the wheel. Looking at your GPS navigation screen is a visual distraction. It takes your eyes from the road. 

But the term “cognitive distraction” covers a wide area of potential issues. Anything that takes your mind off of the road is a cognitive distraction. This includes: 

  • Conversations with other passengers 
  • Changing the music station or temperature 
  • Listening to GPS navigating your routes 
  • Thinking about your destination 
  • Receiving messages or phone calls through hands-free technology 

Cognitive distractions and increased crashes 

For many people, their minds drift while driving. Unfortunately, even this is a cognitive distraction. Taking your mind off of the road for a small amount of time is enough to derail your ability to focus. It leads to the increased possibility of distractions. 

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