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Ambulances are supposed to save lives, not destroy them. Many in Alabama believe that an emergency response vehicle is likely one of the safest places on the road to be.

However, ambulance drivers are not infallible. Likewise, they cannot always control the situations surrounding them, such as road conditions or other vehicles traveling dangerously.

The Alabama News Network reported that a tragic collision involving a passenger vehicle and an ambulance resulted in the death of a man in Montgomery early in the morning on March 1. It appears that both vehicles entered an intersection simultaneously moments before the crash.

The man, one of two passengers in the ambulance, was later identified as an emergency medical technician. Whether the victim was an on-duty paramedic or the patient is still unknown.

The two drivers and the second passenger in the ambulance sustained non-life threatening injuries, and all four people involved in the accident received treatment at a local medical center. The man who received life-threatening injuries due to the collision was pronounced dead at the hospital.

The states of both drivers leading up to the crash are unclear. It also is not reported if other circumstances may have contributed to the outcome, such as adverse road conditions, intoxication or health issues.

There are typically many aspects involved with any car collision. Sometimes, all parties involved share a portion of the blame, and in other situations, the sole burden of causation is the responsibility of one person. No matter what degree people feel that they contributed to a crash in which they sustained injuries, it is likely that there are external factors that may have prevented it. Victims and surviving loved ones should be aware of all the possible reasons that they could not avoid a vehicle collision.