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When you are driving, you must focus only on that task. Being alert and aware can help you avoid accidents because you can constantly assess the roadway around you. One of the most favorable defenses you have against other drivers is to pay attention to how they are driving and spot reckless behavior before you end up in an accident.

I Drive Safely explains there are some signs you can watch out for to identify reckless drivers sharing the roadway with you. By being able to identify them, you can avoid their path and potentially save yourself from an accident situation. You also can gather information to report the driver and possibly save someone else from an accident.

Not sharing the road

A good sign that someone is an aggressive and reckless driver is that she or he fails at sharing the road with others. Such drivers may block someone from changing lanes or not allow someone over into the lane they are in. They may drive too close to the vehicle in front of them. These motorists often do not allow enough room between them and other vehicles and are not paying good attention to the road because they harbor concerns about blocking other drivers from making maneuvers.

Not following laws

Reckless drivers will often have a complete disregard for basic road laws. Speeding excessively is a good example of this. They will often fly by you on the road and will begin acting impatient if they cannot move quicker than everyone else. Another example is not using turn signals. They may weave in and out of lanes without ever giving you a heads up that they are about to make a move. These motorists are quite unpredictable because they seem to believe they do not have to follow the law, so you do not know what they may do next.