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When most people picture car accidents, they likely picture two vehicles colliding into each other. However, occasionally cars hit objects that are not other cars.

It is dangerous enough when cars run into inanimate objects; however, if a car hits a bicyclist, it can have catastrophic consequences for the bicyclist. According to Bike Tours, one of the most important ways to keep safe is to ride like you are a car when you are on your bicycle.

How can I ride like I am a car? 

Remember that, as a bicyclist on the road, you must obey same road rules as cars. Many bicyclists decide that they would like to switch between being a pedestrian and being a road-riding bicyclist. Largely, this equates to bicyclists not abiding by traffic signals.

This can be extremely dangerous. One of the best ways to stay safe is to ensure that you are predictable. If you are wavering between acting like a vehicle on the road and acting like a pedestrian, you are not predictable. A vehicle is much more likely to hit you and you are more likely to sustain injury this way.

How else can I stay safe? 

Bicyclists can learn a lot from motorcyclists. Namely, you are more likely to be in an accident with a vehicle if the driver cannot see you. The problem is worse for bicyclists since they, unlike motorcycles, are very quiet.

Wearing bright colors is a first good step. You should also ensure that you have blinking lights both at the front and rear of your bicycle. These lights are more for making you visible to traffic as compared to helping you to see. Additionally, wearing reflective gear is helpful.