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Alabama residents may end up concussed after a car accident. Some people mistakenly believe that concussions are not serious. But all head injuries should get treated with a level of seriousness. Any head damage can create permanent issues for a victim in the future.

It is thus important to understand what a concussion looks like. This way, victims may seek treatment as soon as possible.

Mental and emotional concussive symptoms

Mayo Clinic discusses different concussion symptoms in head injury patients. Many victims suffer from mental and emotional symptoms that coincide. For example, depending on the area of injury, victims struggle with impulse control. This can lead to increased agitation and violence, too. Victims may snap at loved ones. They may end up picking fights or arguing.

Victims also often suffer from memory loss. Sometimes they have amnesia of the event that caused the injury. Others have short-term memory loss. They cannot hold onto information for long. They end up repeating the same questions over and over. This frustrates loved ones. In turn, the victim also becomes frustrated. This may cause more agitation and anger. It is a vicious cycle.

Physical concussive symptoms

Physical symptoms are easier to spot. These are often what people notice first. The victim may end up unconscious or fading in and out of consciousness. They may experience disruptions with their senses. This can include tinnitus, or ringing of the ears. Sensory mix-ups may also occur. Taste and smell may not work as they should. Noticing any of these symptoms is enough to merit a visit to the doctor. They can determine the level of concussion severity.