What should you photograph after a car accident?


Car accidents happen frequently in Alabama. In fact, in 2018, someone reported a crash roughly every 200 seconds. Still, because you have probably not been through too many accidents in your lifetime, you may not know what to do after a collision.

To boost your chances of receiving fair compensation for your injuries and property damage from whomever caused the crash, you should take a few steps after any accident. You should also try to capture some photographs to add to your overall documentation. A few types of photographs usually do the most good.

The accident scene

After any car accident, you can expect police officers to investigate and write a formal report. A picture of the accident scene, though, may tell the story in a more memorable way.

Provided you can do so without injuring yourself or others, try to snap some photographs of the roads, weather, signs, traffic patterns and other scene details. You may need both close-up and panoramic photos to gather all relevant information.

Vehicle damage

After you have photographed the accident scene, you should take some photos of all damaged vehicles. This helps for two reasons. First, it shows vehicle damage at the time of the collision. More importantly, it also helps explain how the accident happened.

When photographing damage to your vehicle, do not forget to capture both interior and exterior damage. For other cars, however, you may only be able to photograph damage to the outside.

Your injuries

While your medical records are likely to describe your accident injuries, they may be too technical for a juror or anyone else to understand. A picture of broken bones, deep cuts or other injuries is apt to make a better impression. Accordingly, you should take some photographs of your physical injuries.

Even though photographing your initial injuries is a good first step, you should not stop there. Take some photographs of your recovery process, including the medical devices you use. Along with other important photographs, these photos help demonstrate the many hardships the accident has caused you to suffer.