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You were in a minor collision while traveling Alabama’s road recently, but you feel fine. Could you have delayed injury symptoms that you are not aware of? You may lose out on receiving compensation for undiagnosed injuries by neglecting to see a doctor.

KTAR News explores several delayed injury symptoms common to auto collisions. If anything below sounds familiar, have a physician examine you.

Shoulder or neck stiffness or pain

Do not brush off neck or shoulder pain or stiffness as something that resolves itself with a bit of rest. You may have whiplash, one of the most common car collision injuries. Rear-end accidents often result in whiplash, even when cars travel at low speeds.


Headaches experienced in the days following an auto incident could indicate a delayed injury. Take them seriously, as a throbbing pain in your skull could act as a symptom of a neck injury, blood clot or concussion.

Back pain

It may not be your old bed or uncomfortable office chair making your back ache. Back pain experienced after a motor vehicle accident may point to damaged vertebrae or injured nerves, muscles or ligaments. Such injuries often result from side-impact and rear-end collisions.

Abdominal swelling or pain

Pain or swelling of your abdominal area could be internal bleeding. Keep a lookout for dizziness, bruising and fainting. If you suspect internal bleeding, seek medical attention as soon as possible, as the condition can be fatal.

Shifts in physical function

Concussions can trigger changes in physical function and personality. You may experience trouble hearing or seeing, or you may have trouble with mental processing or recollection.