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One of the top pieces of advice that experts give to drivers is to give large trucks their space. All vehicles need space to allow for reaction times and to prevent accidents. The space that you give yourself on the road between you and other vehicles is a space cushion.

According to AARP, a space cushion allows for distance between you and vehicles on all sides of your vehicle. Allowing yourself this space cushion will provide you with the ability to react if something occurs on the roadway that could lead to an accident.

Room to move

Ideally, the cushion of space you allow yourself would give you about three seconds of distance between you and the car in front and behind you. If the weather is bad, you should extend that space. You also want to keep a distance from vehicles beside you. The ideal situation would be to not have vehicles on all sides of yours, giving you a space to escape to should you need to move from your intended path.

Keep it safe

You should pay attention to the vehicles around you and always know where another vehicle is. If someone is following too closely to you, then try to change lanes or allow that person to pass you. You also want to watch for vehicles that seem to be driving recklessly. Avoid those moving too quickly by moving over and letting them pass. Stay away from any driver who appears to be weaving in and out of lanes or having trouble keeping their vehicle in one lane.