Alabama MVA injury toll: a steady stream of concerning numbers


Traffic interaction in Alabama, and certainly across Baldwin County and adjoining southern areas of the state, is never a risk-free proposition.

Reality tells a different story. In fact, what government researchers presenting reliable data reveal are potential safety challenges that literally confront motorists and other parties at every turn in the road.

One Alabama legal source addressing motor vehicle crashes and linked injuries underscores those challenges. It notes that accidents taking a human toll can instantly change lives dramatically.

“Within seconds,” it stresses, “life as you know may never be the same.”

Spotlighting a few essential MVA crash-and-injury facts

Every Alabama road user knows that dire motoring outcomes sometimes do occur. It doesn’t matter whether you are a commercial trucker, driver/occupant in a passenger vehicle, motorcyclist, bicyclist or pedestrian: Some element of risk always attaches in traffic.

It can be easy to underestimate the actual results of that risk, though. Accident/injury numbers often catch people by surprise. Here are some relevant numbers provided by an Alabama Department of Transportation website highlighting “serious stats” tied to vehicle crashes occurring across the state in a recent year:

  • Occurrence of a traffic accident on average about every three minutes
  • Approximately 930 fatal crash victims
  • Crashes occurring on every type of roadway and at all hours of the day
  • Multiple behind-the-wheel negligence crash contributors, such as speeding and distracted driving
  • Fatal crash victims being from broadly measured age categories
  • Drug and/or alcohol use revealed in thousands of accidents

Pedestrians: the most vulnerable group of all

Unsurprisingly, pedestrians fare worst of all when involved in motor vehicle accidents. The reasons for their outsized vulnerability are many and obvious. The above-cited DOT website stresses this data relevant to the state’s most exposed population during one recently measured year:

  • 114 deaths
  • Huge and progressively rising spike in walker fatalities from approximately a decade ago

Motor vehicle accidents are often complex affairs, with issues needing to be sorted out concerning accountability, liability, the type and severity of damages and more.

Accident victims have strong legal rights in crashes inflicting injury caused by third-party negligence. A meaningful legal remedy marked by maximum compensation can yield a damage recovery broadly applicable to medical costs, lost wages, future therapies, pain and suffering and additional needs.

A proven personal injury legal team can provide further information.