Could an I-10 truck toll bridge reduce accidents?


Interstate 10 is an incredibly busy roadway in Alabama. It is known for having very heavy truck traffic as it is one of the main routes through the state.

Because of the busy nature of this road and the presence of so many trucks, truck-related accidents are not uncommon. To help relieve the congestion, AL.com reports there is a movement to create a truck-only toll bridge that would divert truck traffic.

The bridge details

The proposed location of the bridge would go over the Mobile River. It would cost $725 million to build and divert truck traffic from the Wallace Tunnel. Trucks over 46 feet long would no longer be able to use the Wallace Tunnel and would have to use the new bridge.

The proposal suggests by removing trucks from I-10 at this point would increase commutes by up to 90 minutes.


Support for the bridge largely comes from those driving passenger vehicles. A large majority of people who drive I-10 regularly, including truck drivers, agree the road has too much congestion and requires some solution. Many people feel by diverting trucks, the congestion will ease significantly and traffic would flow better.

However, almost as many people feel simply extending the road to make a dedicated truck lane would have equally positive results.

Truck drivers seem to be firmly against the bridge because it would be a toll bridge, requiring only truckers to pay the tolls, which would range between $10 and $15. Making it pay for use is to help pay for the bridge construction.

The state has previously tried to implement a solution to the I-10 traffic and safety issues. The former plan was the Mobile Bridge and Byway, which lost steam and never moved past planning because of concerns over tolls.