Beware of delayed injury symptoms after an accident


While waiting at a stoplight, it happened abruptly. The slight collision caused your stationary vehicle to lunge forward and your body experienced an apparent mild jarring. The other driver pulled out from a curbside parking spot and struck your vehicle.

On the surface, it appeared to be a minor car accident — a fender-bender without even a scratch to your vehicle. Initially, you do not feel pain. You exchange numbers and information with the other driver and continue to drive home. However, slight pain in your back and neck surface hours later and gradually becomes worse. By the next morning, you could barely get out of bed due to the pain. What you have experienced are delayed injury symptoms related to a motor vehicle collision.

Back and abdominal pain

Hidden injuries can happen from any incident. A slip and fall on wet pavement can cause them, so can what appears to be a minor car or pedestrian accident in which you as the victim walk away. But, remember, a hidden injury can lead to long-term problems, and, in, some cases, prove fatal. Delaying treatment may only make matters worse.

Among the most common delayed injury symptoms include:

  • Back pain: Lower back pain often is the result of a rear-end collision. Worsening pain represents a sign of a more serious injury. Trips to the chiropractor may be necessary as well as a visit to your primary care doctor. A cracked vertebrate can lead to ongoing medical treatments.
  • Neck and shoulder pain: A whiplash injury often originates with neck and shoulder pain. Worsening neck stiffness as well as numbness are among the delayed injury symptoms. You also may have nerve damage in these situations.
  • Abdominal pain, bruises to the torso: These are not good signs and point to serious injuries such as internal bleeding. Internal organ damage remains a possibility to the heart, liver, lungs and spleen. Such injuries may prove fatal.
  • Dizziness, fatigue and headaches: Any of these symptoms could be the sign of a concussion or, even worse, traumatic brain injury. A spill on a bicycle or fall to the pavement may lead to bleeding on the brain.

It is not a good idea to delay medical treatment if you have been hurt. Expect a mild scolding from your doctor for not coming in sooner. But, remember, that your doctor is looking out for you. Please, look out for yourself as well.