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Hurricanes and auto accidents

There are a lot of different reasons why motor vehicle collisions are likely to happen, from congested traffic to certain times of the day (and night) which are especially dangerous. Our law office is aware of the many hazards associated with hurricanes, which may also include an increased risk of traffic accidents happening in certain areas. For example, drivers may collide with another vehicle or veer off of the road because they are panicking and driving in a rush. Or, poor weather such as torrential downpour and heavy winds may make it very dangerous to drive during a hurricane. Unfortunately, many people do find themselves in this position, which can be life-threatening.

Mental scars brought on by car accidents

When people think about motor vehicle collisions, they often envision the potential physical consequences of a crash, such as head and neck injuries or broken bones. They may also think about the financial impact of a collision, from property damage to hospital bills and lost wages. While all of these consequences are very serious, there are other ways in which car crash victims’ lives are shattered, some of which can be difficult for others to detect. For example, many people have mental scarring as a result of a crash they were involved in, and psychological trauma can make one’s life unbearably difficulty.

Drug addiction after a car crash

On their road to recovery, auto accident victims may endure a number of hardships. Sometimes, the consequences of a car accident can interfere with professional personal lives from a long-term point of view. For example, someone may need to work in a lower-paying field due to a permanent disability, or they may encounter problems in their marriage because of the ways in which the crash changed their lives. Furthermore, some people may struggle with other hardships due to a car accident, such as developing a drug addiction.

Banning texting while driving saves teens’ lives

Texting while driving is as much a problem in Alabama as the rest of the United States. While adults are also guilty of distracted driving, it is teens who are most at risk. As less experienced drivers, they sometimes lack the skills to take proper corrective action to avoid a car accident and smartphones only worsen this situation. According to CNBC, 6 out of 10 crashes involving teens also involve texting while driving. The data collected for the study that yielded these results also showed that distracted driving accounted for 76% of rear-end crashes and 89% of crashes that involved running off the road.

How can I be a safer driver?

With summer right around the corner, drivers in Alabama are gearing up for vacation. This means more time spent on the road, which can lead to an increased rate of accidents when motorists aren’t careful. To ensure you and your family remain protected this summer, Nationwide offers the following safe driving tips.

Proposed laws and new devices to prove distracted driving

Distracted driving is a major cause of or contributing factor to car accidents. And while many believe that distracted driving is underreported, even the reported statistics are grim. According to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were 3,450 distraction-related car accident deaths nationwide in 2016, about 14 percent of which involved cellphone use. Alabama is among the majority of states to ban texting while driving, but handheld use of a cellphone behind the wheel remains legal.

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