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Real estate law covers the right to use land and the permanent man-made additions to it. This includes many aspects of the real estate market, including leasing, acquisition, financing and development. In some way or form, everyone in Alabama is affected by these laws. Whether you own or lease a property, are looking to sell or are involved in real estate-related litigation, the attorneys at Wilkins, Bankester, Biles & Wynne, P.A., based out of Baldwin County, understand all areas of the law and can help you with any questions you may have.

Buying Property Can Be Overwhelming

Purchasing a home is one of the biggest investments you will make in your life. While real estate agents are held to a certain standard, a lawyer can help you understand all areas of your purchase and make sure you are being treated fairly. For example, we can discuss contracts you may be asked to sign. Most realtors will use standard forms that leave you responsible for certain expenses. While realtors and banks are working for themselves, we are here to work for you.

We also handle a variety of other areas when it comes to real estate law. For example, if you have filed for bankruptcy, we can determine your next steps when it comes to your living situation. If you are facing foreclosure or a short sale, there are many legal documents that have fine print. It is important to understand what it all means. Landlords and tenants have disputes, and we can help negotiate between the two. If you are a business owner, we can help you deal with the construction of projects, including zoning issues.

Learn More About How We Can Help You

Real estate laws range from basic land use to the tallest skyscrapers. Make sure you understand what you are facing and are protecting yourself. Call our office today for a free consultation at 251-279-0982 or fill out our contact form.