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If you are in the construction business, it is important to make sure you are following all the rules and regulations that Alabama has put in place. Whether it is obtaining the land you’d like to build on or drafting contracts between the owner and the contractor, a knowledgeable attorney is of the utmost importance. The attorneys at Wilkins, Bankester, Biles & Wynne, P.A., can help you with all areas of construction law.

Why Do I Need To Hire A Construction Lawyer?

Construction laws are often complex and expensive. We can help you plan your project so that once it is finished, there are no legal conflicts. Drafting and negotiating a contract can be difficult and overwhelming. We will work with you to make sure that it is reasonable and holds everyone accountable. We also can help you revise current contracts. Everyone is affected by construction law. It makes sure that environmental regulations are met, workers are treated fairly, and the building or structure is safe for everyone.

We handle all steps of the construction process. If you have already started without the help of an attorney, it’s not too late. We can jump in at any point and guide you through whatever difficulties you may have. Construction law can be complicated. We can help you from the early stages of your project to its completion.

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If you have questions or concerns regarding a construction project, contact our office today. We have helped clients in Baldwin County and surrounding counties for over 40 years. Call us today at 251-279-0982 or fill out our contact form.