You Deserve Experienced, Caring Representation

If you are facing a challenging legal issue, you deserve the assistance of a highly experienced attorney who knows the law — and who will take the time to understand your situation. At Wilkins, Bankester, Biles & Wynne, P.A., we have been providing intelligent legal advice and strategic representation to individuals, families, businesses and municipalities since 1975.

Ready To Overcome Any Legal Challenge

If you need counsel on an important personal or business issue, or if your rights, your interests or your freedom are on the line, contact us. Our attorneys provide:

  • Defense against misdemeanor and felony charges of all kinds
  • Guidance and representation regarding divorce and family law matters
  • Bankruptcy relief for consumers and businesses who are struggling with debt
  • Personal injury representation for accident and malpractice victims and their families
  • Representation in civil litigation and real estate matters
  • Consultation on issues related to municipal law in Alabama
  • Assistance in civil and criminal appeals
  • Help with probate and estate matters