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Banning texting while driving saves teens’ lives

Texting while driving is as much a problem in Alabama as the rest of the United States. While adults are also guilty of distracted driving, it is teens who are most at risk. As less experienced drivers, they sometimes lack the skills to take proper corrective action to avoid a car accident and smartphones only worsen this situation. According to CNBC, 6 out of 10 crashes involving teens also involve texting while driving. The data collected for the study that yielded these results also showed that distracted driving accounted for 76% of rear-end crashes and 89% of crashes that involved running off the road.

Perhaps what is even more terrifying is that teen drivers had their eyes away from the road for 4.1 seconds of the final six seconds before these crashes occurred. CNBC notes that previous studies in the auto industry has warned that drivers should never have their eyes off the road for more than three seconds. While smartphones accounted for 12% of teen crashes, it was not the only form of distracted driving. Being distracted by objects inside or outside the vehicle, singing and dancing to music, grooming and reaching for objects were also to blame.

Why are 18 wheelers so dangerous?

Driving on the highway can be monotonous. Your cruise control is on and it’s mile after mile of the same scenery. It’s easy to let your guard down. But even if you’re mentally fatigued, it’s important to be alert to the danger posed by 18 wheelers.

When a passenger vehicle gets into an accident with a massive truck, your odds of coming out unscathed are not good. Accidents involving 18 wheelers and busses per year in the U.S. on average. It’s important to know the risks involved when sharing the road with large vehicles.

How can traumatic brain injuries affect motorcyclists?

Alabama motorcyclists understand just how dangerous sharing the road with other vehicles can be. Because of your size and the speeds you may travel at, it is common for motorcyclists who get involved in a crash to end up with the worst of the injuries. Among these, head injuries can be some of the most common and brutal.

The Model Systems Knowledge Translation Center (MSKTC) has a page dedicated to understanding traumatic brain injuries (TBI). Causes of TBI are always external rather than internal, and may result in a loss of consciousness, amnesia, or damage to the skull or brain. This damage can often be seen by the naked eye, but in other cases it may only be picked up by a brain scan. You may also experience seizures in the aftermath of a TBI.

Why should you hire an attorney for your personal injury case?

No matter where the personal injury comes from, the road to getting better always seems complicated and expensive. You have a new injury that came out of the blue, and now it is impacting every area of your life.

This process can feel even more daunting when the bills start arriving. All the treatments come at a price. When the injury wasn’t your fault, though, it seems unfair that you should pay for any of it. That is part of the reason it can be helpful to talk to an attorney about your injury claim.

Tips for fighting distraction on Alabama roads

Distracted driving has been on the rise in Alabama, and it's affecting everyone's safety while on the roads.

There are lots of excuses: technology, multitasking and busy schedules being common. However, there are ways to limit the time you spend fighting distractions while behind the wheel.

How can I be a safer driver?

With summer right around the corner, drivers in Alabama are gearing up for vacation. This means more time spent on the road, which can lead to an increased rate of accidents when motorists aren’t careful. To ensure you and your family remain protected this summer, Nationwide offers the following safe driving tips.

First and foremost, make sure you have a plan in place for your trip. If you’re driving a long distance, make time for rest stops and breaks. Driving straight through can lead to drowsy driving, which is dangerous. Also, make sure you’re ready before you get on the road. This entails adjusting the mirrors, setting your GPS, and tuning in to your favorite radio station.

Proposed laws and new devices to prove distracted driving

Distracted driving is a major cause of or contributing factor to car accidents. And while many believe that distracted driving is underreported, even the reported statistics are grim. According to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were 3,450 distraction-related car accident deaths nationwide in 2016, about 14 percent of which involved cellphone use. Alabama is among the majority of states to ban texting while driving, but handheld use of a cellphone behind the wheel remains legal.

In many ways, distracted driving is like drunk driving. But safety advocates note that when a serious or fatal crash occurs, it is much easier to prove that a crash was alcohol related, and the at-fault driver is likely to face much harsher consequences. Should police be testing for cellphone use after a crash, and will that make distracted driving as socially unacceptable as drunk driving has become?

How to avoid being in an accident with a semi-trailer

Semi-trailers can weigh 20 or 30 times more than passenger vehicles, so when a car crash involves a semi-trailer the results can be catastrophic. However, many of these accidents are avoidable.

Because the large size of these vehicles makes them so dangerous, truck drivers have special rules they must abide by when sharing the road. Sometimes crashes are caused when truck drivers break these rules with unsafe behaviors like driving when drowsy or intoxicated, speeding, failing to properly secure a load and others. However, other times crashes are caused by other drivers who do not understand the operating limitations of such large vehicles.

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