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How to Protect Yourself During a Bankruptcy

If you’ve decided that bankruptcy is the best option for your financial future, it should feel like a huge weight off of your shoulders. The process can take several months, and in the meantime, you want to avoid doing anything that will delay your debt discharge or cause the trustee to think that you are […]

Ways to Maximize Your Car Accident Settlement

Car accidents are expensive, and you likely won’t realize the full financial impact of a crash for months or years. Despite this, insurance companies are determined to pay accident victims as little as they possibly can. How can you fight back and get what you deserve? At Wilkins, Bankester, Biles & Wynne, we advocate aggressively […]

What the Rise in Gig Economy Means for Divorce

There’s no question that COVID-19 has had a profound impact on the economy and how people view work. While gigs and side jobs have always been an option, the pandemic saw a huge number of people ramp up their earning opportunities or completely change how they earn an income. If you are pursuing a divorce […]

Tips for Avoiding DUI Accidents During the Holidays

Nothing throws a wrench in your holiday plans like an auto accident. Unfortunately, the holidays are an incredibly common time for car crashes, especially those caused by impaired drivers. People are getting together for the holidays, indulging a bit to enjoy their time off, and perhaps overestimating their driving abilities. Combine that with poor weather […]

How Social Media Activity Can Impact a Divorce Case

Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, Snapchat—the list of prevalent social media apps grows longer by the year. While it’s a great way to share your life with loved ones and stay connected, it can also be your Achilles heel during a divorce. Find out the many ways that social media can affect your divorce case, and when […]

Calculating Damages for Permanent Injuries

While most injury victims are lucky to walk away with no injuries or injuries that require minimal treatment, some are far less lucky. Some are left with permanent injuries that will follow them the rest of their lives, forever reminding them of the injury and what it cost them. Knowing that, it seems unfair that […]

Dealing with PTSD After an Accident

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD ) is a mental health condition that is characterized by anxiety, stress, and flashbacks of a traumatic incident, brought on as a result of that traumatic incident. When people suffer a serious car accident, they rarely completely understand the ways in which their injury will change everything they know. Knowing […]