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Florida accident claims life of former Alabama football player

Car accident cases in Alabama can run the proverbial gamut from perceived minor fender-benders that most assume to result in only minor vehicle damage to massive multi-car collisions that leave several vehicles destroyed and countless people needing life-saving medical treatment. Yet the common thread amongst them all is the expense that accident victims must deal with.

The hope is that auto insurance will cover the entirety of one’s costs, yet that may not be the case. When insurance coverage is not sufficient, those suffering due to a car accident may have to seek legal action.

Former Crimson Tide walk-on killed in car accident

Oftentimes, however, knowing exactly how to seek such compensation can be difficult. The circumstances of many car accident cases may leave one with perceivably no one to assign liability to. The recent case of a former University of Alabama football player, Rowdy Harrell, serves to illustrate this point. The young man and his wife died in a collision in Florida while vacationing there on their honeymoon. Per Bama Central, the man lost control of his vehicle and drifted into oncoming traffic, striking a pickup truck approaching from the opposite direction.

Seeking compensation from an estate

One might look at a case like this and consider legal action to be a moot point given that there is one around to provide compensation (given that those responsible perished in the accidents they caused). Yet their passage does not change the fact that those impacted by their actions may still need financial assistance to help cover any medical bills and repair costs they must now deal with. In such a scenario, one can seek compensation from another’s estate. Earning such compensation, however, may not be easy. Thus, one may want to first seek the council of an experienced legal professional to discuss their options.