Why Are Adjuster Settlement Offers Not Fair?

Why Are Adjuster Settlement Offers Not Fair?

Alabama is an ‘at-fault’ state when it comes to insurance claims related to motor vehicle collisions. This status means that negligence or fault has to be proven concerning the other driver. Such requirements mean that documentation is so essential immediately after an accident. Photos and videos can establish the circumstances of a collision. A police report will help to record both a driver’s statements and how a crash occurred. A medical report by the administering hospital staff will provide documentation of any injuries caused by the accident.

The consequences of an accident

The injuries incurred with a collision can have longstanding consequences on a person’s professional life and everyday activities. Severe injuries like traumatic brain injuries, neck injuries and broken bones can take years of rehabilitation to make gains in recovery. This treatment comes at a tremendous financial cost. An insurance adjuster working for the insurance of the person you deemed to be at fault will attempt to call your claims into doubt to fight your claim. This process can be a stressful time, only drawn out by the following complications:

Ongoing treatment: It can be challenging to determine the real cost of medical treatment if you are continuing that treatment. Your recovery’s specifics may not be apparent for some time and may be determined by how quickly you should progress or heal.

Unclear fault: In many scenarios, the other driver will have an alternate interpretation or even a false narrative around the collision that may be difficult to disprove. When it is difficult to determine fault, an adjuster is more likely to provide an inadequate settlement figure.

Finding a settlement you can live with

If you think another motorist caused the accident that injured you, you could be entitled to fair compensation via their insurance company. Explore all the options available to make sure your rehabilitation and lost wages are adequately covered.

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